30 Day Singer Review (2024) – Should You Sign Up?🥇

30 Day Singer Review (2024) – Should You Sign Up?🥇

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the online singing program 30 Day Singer.

However, before we dive into exactly what the program is, and who it’s ideal for, let’s firstly discuss why you may want to have singing lessons, and have those be taught online as opposed to in-person:


Why Choose an Online Singing Program

  • Very convenient – You can learn how to sing, from world-renowned vocal coaches from the comfort of your own home, without needing to drive anywhere
  • Highly affordable – Whether you’re in the USA, UK or Europe, one-t0-one singing lessons are expensive, at least $50+ per lesson. Online Singing Lessons are a lot more affordable, with 30-Day Singer being less than $30 per month for an unlimited amount of lessons.
  • Quality of Teaching – Not all local singing teachers are bad, but with the transparency of Google reviews and customer testimonials, the need for online programs to provide high-quality material is amplified. By seeing what students are saying, you can more easily make a better-informed decision about whether the vocal tutor is reputable and students are getting value from the lessons.
  • Repeat lessons until you fully understand the concepts – When you’re a beginner looking to learn anything, repetition is key, and that means that you may need to learn something a few times before grasping it. Unlike 1-to-1 singing lessons, if you need to repeat a lesson, you can do it easily, without paying for extra lessons.


30 Day Singer Review Summary

Program Name: 30 Day Singer Program

Program Description: 30-Day Singer is an online singing course that’s designed for those primarily at beginner to intermediate skill levels. It is constantly updated and developed by the same company that created Guitar Tricks.

30 Day Singer cost: $29.95 per month or $129 per year

Program Duration: 30 days

Free Trial: 14-Day Free Trial

Best for: Beginners & Intermediate singers

Website: https://www.30daysinger.com/

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


What is 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer is an online singing program which makes the claim to be able to train you to become a better singing and performer within only 30 days. This particular singing course is considered to be a fantastic course for beginners and intermediates for a number of reasons, one of which is it provides you with thorough training in different vocal exercises and techniques, warm-up tricks, and general vocal health advice… All of which come together to help shape your voice.

The course is also designed to help intermediate level singers, with it including more complex vocal tips, techniques, and teachings as you progress through the course.

However, we imagine that most people looking at this will be beginners, and 30-day singer does a great job in providing the basics/fundamental singing principles in an easy-to-learn manner.

To learn more about this program, continue reading this 30 Day Singer review.


How the Course Works?

One of the nice aspects of this course, and something that 30-Day Singer has done well to address, is delivering their course in a way that’s no overwhelming.

So there’s not hundreds and hundreds of lessons that you need to go through to learn all the material, instead, there’s a specific ‘learning system’ to follow.

We can expect nothing less from 30-day singer, as the parent company of the program is the same one that helped develop the award-winning guitar tricks course.

Once you sign up for the program [Sign up here], you’ll gain access to all of the video lessons, taught by expert vocal teachers.

One of the great aspects of this singing course when comparing it against others is with any of the beginner lessons, you’ll be given the option to choose which instructor to teach the lesson – Camille van Niekerk, Jonathan Estabrooks or Jon Statham.

Why is this good? Well, if you’re a woman, you’ll obviously want to be taught by Camille, as it will be easier to understand the concepts when hearing a similar female voice, and vice versa for men.


Course Contents

Now it would be hard to provide an in-depth review of 30-day singer without talking about the full course content.

What exactly is included with the 30-day singer program?

Well, we’ll be discussing how the program is divided into three main categories which are:

  • 30-day beginner courses/lessons
  • Advanced techniques
  • Bonuses

Let’s talk about each of these modules, shall we!


Beginner Courses & Lessons

As you may have guessed, the 30-day beginner courses are meant to be completed within 30 days. However, there’s no pressure to do this if you’re looking to take it over a longer period.

Each of the videos offers no-fluff, straight to the point, easy-to-follow lessons on how to sing!

We’ve outlined some of the specific learning material which is taught within this module:

  • Vocal warm-up routines
  • Right singing posture
  • Healthy vocal technique
  • Vocal anatomy
  • Proper breathing
  • Cord compression
  • Voice range expansion
  • Chest, head, and mix voice
  • Tone
  • Belting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Vocal Runs, turns, and falls
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Falsetto
  • Vocal Fry
  • Vibrato
  • Phrasing and style
  • Performance tips
  • Management of stage nerves and fright
  • Stage presence
  • Song analysis and interpretation


As you can see, the beginner module is extremely well-rounded in offering a lot of useful information relating to particular techniques and more psychological concepts like management of stage nerves and song analysis/interpretation.

All of these teachings will ultimately make you a better singer and overall performer.

With that being said, the beginner’s course is perfect for those who have never had professional singing lessons before, as well as those more experienced singers who want to re-learn the basics and correct any bad singing habits that they may have unknowingly developed over the years.


Advanced Techniques

Once you have fully mastered the lessons within the beginner module, you will have reached the intermediate level, which subsequently includes more advanced techniques and modules.

This is perfect to help expand upon the principles that you learned within the basic module, but is more orientated on singing different styles of music.

Here are some of the specific lessons that you’ll be able to find within the course:


  • Professional performance tips

This class shows you how to really provide the audience with a good performance, showing confidence and character


  • Embellishments and vocal runs

This class teaches how to better develop vocal personalization for your performance, from runs and riffs, so you can create an original sound.


  • Sing like a pop star

Within this class you’ll learn the key characteristics of how to sing contemporary pop, and the techniques to do it properly.


  • Singing with Style

Within the lesson, Reagan James from The Voice shares secrets and tips on how to emulate and acquire the singing style/techniques from your favorite singers, for example, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, or Adele. For guys, this lesson is taught by Jon Statham.


Within these lessons, you’ll explore different music styles and genres, which will ultimately help in shaping the artist that you want to become.


  • How to Sing Higher, Sing Lower, and Belt

The classes teach you how to extend your vocal range and sing higher, make low notes sound richer, and use your belt voice to sing more powerfully.


  • How to Perform like a Professional

This particular class will teach you how to properly warm up your voice and use other strategies and techniques to perform at your best in front of an audience


  • How to Sing and Play Instruments at the Same Time

This class focuses on showing you how to correctly sing and play an instrument (such as a piano or guitar) at the same time.


  • How to Sing in your Signature Style

These series of lessons focus on teaching you how to further develop your sound and differentiate your vocal style from anyone else, showing you how artists like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury did it.



The program offers two bonus modules, which are ‘Warm-ups & Vocal Health’ and ‘Singing Tricks & Techniques’.

Within the Warm-Ups & Vocal Health module, you’ll learn more advanced information about how to practice daily vocal exercises and warm-up routines to keep your voice in good condition, alongside information on how to eliminate vocal strain and bad vocal technique.

Additionally, within the Singing Tricks & Techniques module you’ll learn more advanced information about how to master certain singing techniques which include pitch, intonation, phrasing, vibrato, belting, tonality, breathwork, and control, harmonizing, and range extension.


30 Day Singer Free Trial

We realize that the 30-Day Singer Reviews and student testimonials provide glowing recommendations on the course itself. And given the fact that 30-Day Singer provides a 14-Day Free Trial to all new visitors, you’ll be able to gain access to all of the content on the website, for 14-days.

Because of this, you’ll be able to see if the program is ideal and suited to your expectations and sign up for a full membership if you feel that it is.

Otherwise, you can simply let the free trial expire.

>>>Get Access to the 30-Day Singer – 14-Day Free Trial<<<


Our Experience with 30 Day Singer

As we mentioned previously, 30-Day Singer is created by the same developers as the famous course Guitar Tricks, and given it’s fantastic reputation, you can expect nothing less with this singing course.

However, let’s explain more about what we liked and what we didn’t like:


What We Liked:

Multiple Tutors

As we mentioned, the 30 Day Singer Beginner’s course is taught by three different instructors, and realistically, this is a fantastic idea to accommodate for men and women.

Not only is this good for the fact that you can choose a teacher with a similar voice, but it may be that you prefer one of the teacher’s particular teaching styles and hence, you choose to learn from their videos instead.


The teachings are easy-to-follow and highly engaging

The singing program is full of helpful singing lessons, all of which are comprehensive and easy to follow, both from an understanding and replicating standpoint.

This is extremely important, as these lessons are meant to teach students who may have never sang before, and hence they require more specific, easy-to-grasp instructions and steps.

With that being said, this is a great selling point of 30 Day Singer!


Well-Structured & Goal-Orientated Teaching

The program is well structured given that it is ordered by skill level, taking a complete beginner all the way through from inexperienced to becoming an intermediate singer. Also, unlike other singing courses which have no specific timescale for completion, this course has been created for you to see significant improvements in your singing ability within 30 days.


14-Day Free Trial

One of the more attractive aspects of 30-Day Singer is the 14-Day Free Trial that they offer to new visitors. This essentially means that you can try the platform (with full capability) to see if it meets your expectations, before signing up for the full membership.


30-Day Moneyback Guarantee Provided

30-Day Singer ironically also provide a 30-day moneyback guarantee, which shows how confident they are in their product!


User-friendly interface

One of the common downfalls of most online programs is usability due to a poorly designed and poorly maintained user interface. However, this is not the case with 30 Day Singer.

Since the course has a monthly payment, the system is well maintained and constantly updated, so you can expect an intuitive and flawless user experience.

In addition, the video quality of each module is extremely good!


Expert instructors

30-Day Singer’s instructors include famous vocal instructors, award-winning performers, musical talents, singers, and songwriters, helping to enrich the overall learning experience.

With their profound knowledge and experience within the industry, it’s great to have them teaching.

It’s clear that the lessons are well organized and thought-out, and hence they come over as being understandable, interesting and engaging.


Lots of perks

The course has two bonus modules amongst other key perks.

This includes the ability to gain access to a live lesson with an instructor of your choice, meaning that you can talk/sing to your coach through a video call.

Additionally, the platform has a forum where you can have open discussions with fellow students and teachers about the teachings in 30-Day Singer.


What We Didn’t Like:

Monthly subscription fee

One of the largest issues with it is the monthly cost, however, this in turn also means that the quality of the interface is maintained and the content is regularly updated and added to.

With that being said, the price of 30-Day Singer is $29.95 which is very affordable (less than $1 per day).


The course does not dive deeper into specific music genres (like Jazz and Blues)

Whilst it’s true that the advanced technique module on how to sing specific music genres, only one class is allotted to each genre.

Because of this, it might not be enough to provide you everything you need to master those singing styles.

Plus, the classes only tackle Pop, Classical, Acapella, Country and R&B, not providing lessons for such genres as Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, and many others.


Who Should Use 30-Day Singer?

This is an important question!

Based on our experience and considering the content within the course modules, we can safely say that the course is developed for anyone who:

  • Are aiming to become better vocalists.
  • Require an organized, straightforward and properly structured singing program.
  • Are looking to develop and improve their singing skills as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • Want to improve their vocal tone, control, and pitch.
  • Are having issues hitting higher notes.
  • Are looking to expand their vocal range.
  • Dreams about singing like their favorite artist.
  • Has a desire to boost their confidence and improve their singing posture
  • Plans to become professional singers
  • Want to learn more about the basic principles of singing
  • Are already good singers but wishes to perfect their craft
  • Are looking to perfect their pitch
  • Want to join a choir
  • Are looking to correct any bad singing habits

Therefore, if you’re one of these people then you will want to consider using the 30-Day Singer program.


Will the program improve your singing?

After our in-depth review of the program, our answer is very straightforward, it will certainly improve your singing ability.

However, it’s important that you invest the time into following the course material, and repeating lessons that you’re potentially struggling with, so that you grasp the teachings.

With that being said, you’ll no doubt be a better singing within 30-days, how much so, is really depending on the effort you put in!



We realize that there are a lot of singing courses on the market, and 30-Day Singer is one of the latest ones. However, in such a short period of time it is widely accepted to be the most popular, and the best.

Why is this? Well, because it’s created by the same company that created Guitar Tricks, the world-renowned guitar program, it’s clear that this company develops thorough, well-structured programs/courses.

Based on the information that we’ve provided in this 30 Day Singer review, we hope that you can see the clear benefits of choosing to learn how to sing with the program, and given the fact that they provide a 14-Day Free Trial and a 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee, there’s no risk involved with trying the program out.

It’s absolutely a win-win!

Therefore, if you’re looking to try the platform out and get access to your 14-day free trial, you can get it here – 14-Day Free Trial




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