30 Day Singer Pricing – Cost of 30-Day Singer? (2024) 🥇

30 Day Singer Pricing – Cost of 30-Day Singer? (2024) 🥇

In this article, we’re going to be discussing the cost of 30 Day Singer!

For those that may be unaware, 30 day singer is an extremely popular online singing program which is designed to be able to take a complete beginner singer with no experience, to the intermediate level in just 30-days.

Given the increasing popularity and positive response that this new platform has been getting, it’s clear that the course is doing something right.

We’ve actually written an entire review of 30-day singer here, and we also scored it #1 in our best online singing lessons article.

With that being said, read on to find out the price of 30-day singer!


30-Day Singer Pricing

30 Day Singer Price

30 day singer is priced at $29,95 per month (or $129 per year) which is under $1 per day. You can’t get a 1-to-1 singing lesson for that price!

Now, although some people may be a little disappointed with the monthly pricing, let me explain why this is actually a great thing.

See, when monthly payments are involved with any membership, it almost guarantees that the platform/service is properly maintained and updated (in this case with new singing lessons) because they’re receiving a monthly payment.

Now, you’ll also be extremely happy to know that 30-Day Singer comes with a 14-Day Free Trial, where you can try out the platform and see for yourself if you like it!

This means that you can literally run through 50% of the beginner’s course within the free trial if you wanted to!

We’ve provided a link to the free trial directly below:

>>Get access to the 14-Day Free Trial of 30-Day Singer<<<


If you have any questions or comments about the price of 30 day singer, please leave them below and we’ll reply ASAP.

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